Let’s Play House

A Room Of One’s Own opens July 19, 2008

Taking inspiration from Virginia Woolf’s 1929 essay which challenges that female writers, given equal opportunity, would be able to create work as important as those that have been historically admired and authored by men, Adapta Project has taken on the challenge of intimate spaces with A Room of One’s Own. The essay advocates for artists to be given proper resources—such as space and time—to create meaningful works of art. This group show is an opportunity for talented artists to create site-specific installations or show their work which grapples with the subjects of identity and ownership.

Terra Sur, an oceanfront development in Baja California designed by architects Rob Quigley, Guillermo Martinez de Castro, Andrew Spurlock, John Sheehan, Ricardo Rabines and Fernando Gonzales, has given Adapta Project the opportunity to show cutting-edge contemporary art at one of its oceanfront properties. Artists from San Diego, Tijuana and beyond will take over space within this domestic setting to author their own galley: expect new-media installations, paintings, photography, performance, video art and audio art that express the individuality and creative spirit of each artist.


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