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Don’t be scared

September 18, 2007

“Hope” by Kelly Vivanco

The images that come into your head when you think of Tijuana are most likely spray-painted donkeys, Tequila-bottle wielding waiters and trash — lots and lots of trash. Adapta Project would like to change your mind and replace those dirty images with pretty pictures by the best of the best of San Diego and Tijuana emerging artists. Oh yeah, there’s going to be beautiful fashion by Mexico’s best young designers, too. Come to Fashion Day & Contemporaneo 2007 this Saturday, Sept. 22, from 5-11 p.m. It’s easy to find. Just walk across the border and take a cab to CECUT, Tijuan’s museum of contemporary art. It shouldn’t take you more than four minutes and it shouldn’t cost you more than $3. Feeling a little scared? Email us at and we’ll help to put your mind at ease. Tijuana is more than Revolucion Avenue — come and see.

Adapta Project goes to Tijuana

September 11, 2007

Adapta Project has been asked to curate the art-show side of this whole shebang.

The San Diego artists we’ve chosen are, to put it lightly, phenomenal:

Joshua Krause

Saratoga Sake

Jason Sherry

Kelly Vivanco

And the Tijuana artists…well, they’re fenomenal:

Juan Sebastian Beltran

Hector Juarez

Pablo Llana

Jorge Tellaeche  

Check out the website and start getting excited.