Building an aesthetic utopia

“a.d. 9” by michael james armstrong

Michael James Armstrong’s eye for aesthetics is scary. Seriously, the artist isn’t just a perfectionist. Perfectionists want everything to be perfect, but they never get their way. Armstrong, on the other hand, puts perfection into practice. If we all lived in a world as imagined by Armstrong, everything would be simple, straight and superb.


One Response to “Building an aesthetic utopia”

  1. adaptaproject Says:

    Armstrong uses arrows as architecture in what he calls “arrowchitectureal decograf.” With the combined style of art deco and color palette of early 1980s subway graffiti, he relies on a boldness to create futuristic visions of structural renderings. No doubt, one of my favorite San Diego artists by far. I wonder if MJA would consider experimenting with sculpture – wood, acrylic and other materials perfectly put together on a grand scale…

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