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August 3, 2007

Every art show needs a mascot

August 1, 2007

“Chicken Mascot” by Brian Dick

And ours is a site-specific piece designed by the one and only Brian Dick, whose movable, wearable, in-your-face sculptures turn stuffy art shows into whimsical experiences you won’t soon forget.

To the clouds

August 1, 2007

“Thunder” by Jorge Tellaeche

The view out of my office window is of pine trees, but they’re pine trees planted around a fountain in an office park where pines trees don’t belong.  Looking at a piece by Jorge Tellaeche is the farthest thing from looking out my office window.  His work is organic and real.

Building an aesthetic utopia

August 1, 2007

“a.d. 9” by michael james armstrong

Michael James Armstrong’s eye for aesthetics is scary. Seriously, the artist isn’t just a perfectionist. Perfectionists want everything to be perfect, but they never get their way. Armstrong, on the other hand, puts perfection into practice. If we all lived in a world as imagined by Armstrong, everything would be simple, straight and superb.